comprehensive model for health outcomes

miReS provides a solution to implement a comprehensive model to improve healthcare outcomes, based on an own methodology for the ecosystem of analytics and knowledge management in healthcare.

Provides decision support tools for healthcare professionals

Giving the right and detailed information to carry out personalizad medicine.

Forecasting healthcare behaviours and diseases

Risk assessment in order to provide the best resources and treatments

Shared access to the knowledge from the data gathered in clinical systems

Identifying the clinical knowledge within the information systems

Data processing from different systems and sources

Managing large amount of data at high processing speed

miReS  in four steps






the data using a system to identify the clinical concepts by their definitions and their representation in the information systems.


Ontological Dictionary management.

Provides the tools to manage the ontological definitions of clinical concepts identifying their definitions and the relationship with the attributes and representation in the information systems in which this information is registered.


through an information processing platform where velocity and large volumes of data are the main features.



Analyze and predict

processing the data and information in the platform using mathematical and statical techniques to extract knowledge and discover patterns and predictive archetypes.

“We apply analysis techniques and algorithms designed for the healthcare ecosystem”

Statistical models for segmentation and classification

Data mining

Bioinspired algorithms

Physics models of phase transitions


Our predictive tools based on physics models of phase transition allow:

Predict  scenarios in personalized care and in wide population groups

Simulating behaviors under a change of conditions

Reliability, since these models are supported on statistical and mathematical models designed for a huge number of interacting items


and return the knowledge to healthcare professionals, by means of applications that allow them to interact with the knowledge and providing decision support tools

It provides to each professional, the knowledge he needs during the clinical consultation, for an effective activity at the precise time

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