comprehensive model for healthcare outcomes

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We help to improve our customers’ results applying Quality, Efficiency and Productivity through the usage of Information Technologies

Strategic Consulting

We deliver models for the Analysis and Management of Complex Systems

Own Solutions

We are comitted with the development of own products with a high component of Innovation

Our Services

Our team with +20 years of experience  and knowledge of the best practices allows us to offer a wide variety of services

Strategic and Operations IT Consulting

Project support and consulting

Management of Innovation and research



We offer a global model for information system design in the social and health care ecosystems focused on the citizen, professionals and the healthcare organizations.
Specialists in strategic consulting, design and implementation of social and health care systems mainly in healthcare networks and regional organizations.
Products and solutions customized to our customers’ needs: Electronic Health Record, ePrescription, Electronic Social care Record…
Our experience allows us to transform the vision of the traditional models to an evolving model aligned with the knowledge management through emerging technologies as cloud computing and big Data.


We focus the sales management systems in people and key processes that improve their performance


We help in managing the client portfolio and loyalty building


We believe in the collective intelligent and we use the Citizen Science to monitor and assess our ecosystems.


We contribute to the governments designing and offering solutions that improve the efficiency in the processes and public services providing a high value to the citizens.

Our cumulative experience, resulting from the participation in the big transformation processes of the governments along the last decades, allow us to provide the best solutions to our customer needs.


Optimization and improvement of the organizations’ processes aligned with the best practices. Identification of improvement opportunities that make them more efficient and effective

Owned and third-party Solutions

We are comitted with the development of own products highly competitive that allow us to offer unique solutions adapted to our clients’ needs

Solutions for the Improvement of the Social and Health care processes

Big Data and Analytics

Energy Sales Management Systems

Highlited Products

miReS. the comprehensive platform for healthcare outcomes

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The ePrescription system provides important benefits to citizens, clinical professionals, pharmacists and the Healthcare system. These benefits have an impact not only in qualitative aspects but they also affect to productive aspects that reveals the return of the investment.

Doctor View-Prescription

Pharmacist view- Dispensation

Decision Suport Systems for Prescription and Dispensation

Patient/Citizen view- App and Portal

Communication chanel between doctor, pharmacist and patient.

Loyalty Tools

Follow-up, monitoring and control

Social Care Related Groups

We provide the tools for the Social care environment that allow the analysis of information helping to the strategic management and planning.


Grouping and analysis tools for the Social Care Related Groups (SCRG)

Global catalogue of processesor SCRG, based in the case-mix evaluation

Evaluation model for the quality of the social care processes

Clinical Management and EHR

A set of tools for the administrative and clinical management ensuring thecoordination between professionals and citizens, helping to improve the quality of the services and the efficiency in the resources usage.

Patient/Citizens management

Clincs and Providers Management

Scheduling and Appointment

Electronic Health Record

Decision Support Systems

Invoice and Billing

Patient Portal

Energy Sales Management System

Cloud Technology solution based on the business key processes with the aim of improving productivity, efficiency and quality of sales.


Commercial structure of the channel

Sales Agents Management

Sales Planning Management

Sales Tracking

Management reports